Talk to 10 SEO experts and you'll get eleven (or more) definitions of the term SEO.



In order to define Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you first need to understand some things about the main Search Engines (SEs), Google, Yahoo and MSN. There are MANY other SEs, but these are the three that matter at this point in terms of search traffic volumes.

  1. SEs index and rank PAGES for relevance to a certain search term, not web SITES. Your site structure can have a significant impact on the page rankings but SEs do not look for SITES when trying to provide relevant results for a search term. When you think about it, given that sites like Amazon can have hundreds of thousands of pages, how would an SE determine that the Amazon site was relevant to a specific search term? Right, it couldn't ....
  2. SEs prosper, make money and beat their competition by providing FAST, RELEVANT and TARGETED results in response to a user's search term (keyword or keyphrase). For more detail on how they do this, check out our How Search Engines Work page.
  3. User interest in a specific niche or topic determines how much traffic is available through natural (organic) search. If only 10 people a day search for information on "blue widgets", the maximum amount of traffic you can get per day for that term is 10 unique visitors. If your business' success is based on selling 10 "blue widgets" per day over the internet, I'd rethink it, since visitor to sales conversions for even targetted organic traffic rarely exceed single digits.
  4. The key point here is that SEO DOES NOT manufacture traffic, it simply optimizes the page to capture a greater percentage of the AVAILABLE traffic. OK, so what is my definition of SEO? Here's a video that presents it:


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