Mississauga SEO is pleased to be able to provide this short course on search engine optimization. If you follow along in order you should learn enough from this basic course to significantly improve your page's position in the SERPs for any key word or phrase with less than 2 million results in Google.

If your specific key phrases are more competitive (2 million plus results), you will need to apply the short course basics as well as some additional strategies to really make a dent in your competition. These additional strategies will be covered at the end of the short course.

Note that the example site used in the short course is a new domain name that I have purchased specifically for the purpose. I will be going through all the required steps in agonizing detail via the time saving miracle of short videos on each page. I include the key points covered in each video in bulleted text below it.

This course is a work in progress (as of May 2009) and is not complete. My goal is to finish it by the end of 2009 but we all know how that goes. I suggest you check back often or shoot me an email to get on an email notification list that will tell you when additional content is available.

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Each of the following bullet items is a link to a new page that will open in a new window:

  1. What the heck is SEO anyway?
  2. How much traffic is really out there for my product or niche?
  3. Keywords, keywords, keywords
  4. Long Tail? Short Tail? No Tail?
  5. Site Structure and how it impacts page ranking
  6. Meta Tag Optimization
  7. Body text content optimization
  8. Off page optimization overview
  9. Link Building Techniques
  10. What your competition can tell you...

If the above list gives you a pain in the noggin and you are thinking "Why can't I just pay somebody to DO all this crap for me?", by happy chance I can help you with that.

Call Jim at 416-318-0044 or send me a quick email and I'll get back to you within one business day.

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