Search engine ranking improvement is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow for most web site owners. Something intensely desired but never acquired ..... it doesn't have to be that way for You, anymore. Read on ...

Search engine ranking improvement is also known by the more common term of search engine optimization or SEO. The good news is that, depending on your market niche and preferred keywords, it is ALWAYS possible to improve a page's Search Engine Result Page (SERP) ranking. I need to caution you however, that if your preferred keywords are "mortgage", "loan", "internet marketing", "free money" or something similar, it will take a ton of time and money to get onto Google's first page.

I run a small construction business and barely know how to turn a computer on. I paid a designer to build me a website because I knew I needed one, but it just sat out in cyberspace with no one knowing about it. That's where Jim with 75-C Services came in. I don't know how, but he took my website and propelled it to the number one spot on Google search in a matter of a few months! My website now does what it's supposed to do: bring me clients!"

"Jim's rates are reasonable, he's easy to work with, he worked well with my designer, and he is very responsive to requests. I would recommend him to anyone wanting to increase their web traffic."

Brady Van Matre
Boulder General Contractor

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If your business is in those or similar markets, there are ways you can still achieve high rankings using longer keyword strings such as "Las Vegas Mortgage broker","Brownsville texas internet marketer", etc. Done correctly, this can increase the desired result of the page by ensuring that visitors finding the page are better targeted to your offer and are more likely to have commercial intent.

A clear example of this, is this page you are reading right now. My business helps other businesses achieve search engine ranking improvement for their "money" or "goal" pages. My site is a lot younger than most others out there in the same niche, as I only recently decided to open my own business. It will take time for pages on my site to rank highly for terms such as SEO or search engine optimization, but I'm doing just fine for "search engine ranking improvement", as the fact that you are reading this confirms.

There are two ways you can achieve similar results for the pages on your site:

(1) The first involves a bunch of research (which you are already doing), a lot of learning to understand the material you find, then more research to find the tools that will help you apply that knowledge in a reasonable amount of time, more learning to understand and apply the tools and then doing the actual implementation of the modifications required on your web site and OTHER people's web sites. (links pointing to your goal pages from other people's web sites are key to search engine ranking improvement ) . If you pick this option the SEO short course and products recommended in the navigation bar at the top of the page are good places to start.


(2) Find someone like myself to do all of the above for you. If this option appeals to you please use this contact form to send me an email and secure your free SEO site evaluation. I promise you it will be an hour well spent as I provide recommendations you can act on today to start your pages ranking higher in the SERPs.

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